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Its been a long time now and well I must say I've missed my blog. I published my last post on October 1 and its 25 December now. Wow! That's a long gap! Oh and before I forget "A merry Christmas to one and all". A very auspicious renewal for my blog huh? On Christmas Day! 

Anyway, there's been a lot of action at HEADBangalore in these few months. Firstly, there was GIR 2008 and then there was the
 revered Strwaberry Fields. Both of them were kick ass.

GIR 2008 - The Largest and Loudest Ever

Well, this was one event that I did not want to miss at any cost. The headlining bands were Sahg(frequently mistaken for SHAG) and Satyricon, from Norway. The local bands playing were Slingshot, Rainbow Bridge and Extinct Reflections. I was pretty late for the show due to a COUPLE of INFOSYIANS! I bet none of the humans living on Earth at present can beat them at being punctual. The EPITOME of PUNCTUALITY are the only words I can find. And due to these two idiots(trying my hardest to refrain from using words from the dictionary), I missed Rainbow Bridge and Slingshot. Slingshot was the only local band I was looking forward to, in all honesty. But I was pleasantly surprised by Extinct Reflections. They really rocked the crowd. The vocalist showed great stage presence and they were really comfortable on stage.

Sahg came on next and the delayed start upset many in the crowd especially one particular drunkard behind me. The only words that came to his mouth were, "Holy Fuck"! The things booze can do to you. Anyway, moving on from this irritating man to the rock stars on stage. They performed quite a few songs I think. Not too many, but quite a few. They never looked comfortable up there and well, not many were impressed by their performance. I remember that they had one song that was dedicated to the women of India and I dont really think the ladies present were impressed by that either. Well moving on, I was quite impressed by their drummer but a drummer doesn't make a band does it? The whole unit counts and that unity was lacking. There was no real energy in their performance. At least I didn't feel any. In all honesty, Extinct Reflections seemed a better band. No offence meant.

After the departure of Sahg, Palace Grounds was filled with cried for Satyricon. The drunkard behind could still be found screaming, "Holy Fuck"! The arrival of Satyricons mike stand created a buzz among the people. Their mike stand looked really wicked to be frank. It represented 2 serpents encircling each other if I'm not mistaken. After the mike stand came their sound engineer and he was tweaking with just about anything he could lay his hands on and I guess that's the reason why the drum set needed a lot of adjustments before it was ready to go. And after a long time, a very very very long time, Satyricon took the stage and in a few moments set it ablaze. They showed great energy and were very very very comfortable. The amount of time spent waiting for these guys to take stage, was well worth it. They ROCKED! They performed
 many songs from their new album and quite a few from their older ones. Their keyboardist, a lady, headbanged in a real kick ass manner. Wow! She was brilliant! Their drummer too. And their guitarists. And the vocalist. Damn! Each and everyone of them rocked. It was a damn good show from a damn good band!

One song that I clearly remember is "Die, By My Hands" and I really wanted to kill that drunkard behind me when I heard this song. [:D] Anyway, Satyricon really made the night for
 me and they really gave us more than what we expected. They have earned a new fan in me. By the time I came home, it was about 11.30 or so and the only thing I could get myself to do was drop dead onto my bed and snore away to glory.


Strawberry fields, this year, was plagued by poor judging and the bands that really deserved to
 be in that final show never made it. The bands that were chosen to play on the final day were Metal Messiah, Chilly Potato, Blood and Iron, Rosemary and Grey Shack! The 
professional bands that were scheduled to play were Pentagram and Extramentals. Well the show was lack lustre. Blood and Iron were really promising and their songs had a lot of energy and the drummer had a lot of power.  Metal Messiah and Chilly Potato were really depressing. I couldn't believe that Heretic and Inner Sanctum had lost to these 2 bands. I mean their songs didn't even make sense. And each song had the same tune. Well, almost each one did. Moving on to Rosemary and Greyshack. Rosemary, if I'm not mistaken, performed grunge. They had a very-"Nirvanaish" feel to their performance and I was impressed. Greyshack were the complete punk style of playing and they rocked. The guitarists feel was unmatched and their vocalist was also kick ass.Then came the professional bands namely, Extramentals and Pentagram. I was waiting for Pentagram the whole day and Extramentals made me crave even more for them. The vocalist of Extramentals, daughter of Dr.Kamal Hasaan(who I respect a lot), was not really interested in anything but showing her body. A really depressing band, to say the least. Their performance really put me off. It made me crave all the more for Petagram to take the stage. Pentagram, is a five piece band that comprises of the ever famous Vishal Dadlani. Vishal, better known amongst the common man for his exploits in Bollywood, is a crowd puller. The band had a slight problem with the electronic feed and they soon had to face a harsh fact of having to perform without it. So, after many many years, Pentagram performed without the electronica and computers and all that shit and well the result was yet another kick ass show.

They had very little time thanks to Extramentals' long show and they could perform only four songs. Though they had very little time, they made their presence felt and that show will be remembered by all present on that day. Four songs down and the show was interrupted by the infamous police. Ofcourse, their bravery cannot be questioned but this is my only thought, "The police have enforced this law of shutting out night clubs and so on before 11.30 or whatever the deadline is but wrong deeds still take place. Thats number one. Number two, cant they just impose stricter penalties for those who are caught so these idiots wont go about doing such stuff and the nightlife could go on without a problem." This is a 15 year old thinking, so pardon me for the immaturity. Comments on this would be appreciated.

Anyway, Rosemary won the competition. I dont remember the rest of the winners but the best drummer award went to the Rosemary dude. 

P.s : -  Sorry for the really long post. Cant Help! :D

MERRY CHRISTMAS once again and may you all have A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR too


The title of one of the best albums that the indian rock industry has produced!!! Maktub by Motherjane is an album comprising of 9 songs, including the remastered version of the evergreen MINDSTREET!!!

The album consists of songs, which like all motherjane songs, have meaningful lyrics and they haven't just been written for the sake of writing, its been written because of the inner drive in them to write these songs and each and every one of these songs are so unique in their own ways that you cant help but wonder how on earth can a band be so diverse? How on earth can a creator make his creation so diverse in nature? When one hears the song with concentration and tries to understand the lyrics of each song, he will be able to understand the immense thought put into each song and he will also feel the fact that each one of the songs, not just this album but all albums, are so dear to the members of the band that their pearls of sweat can be felt in each song! (This is out of experience and I'm sure each and every one of you will feel it or have felt it)

The songs of the album are
1) Chasing the Sun
2) Fields of Sound
3) Broken
4) Blood in the Apple
5) Ode to Life
6) Maktub
7) Mindstreet
8) Before One Million Comes One
9) Karmic Steps

Each song in the album has its own theme and conveys a very positive message! The messages conveyed by each song, when implied by one, can definitely change ones look at life and make him a better HUMAN BEING than he was before! (This is out of sheer experience, again)

The song "Ode to Life" is a haiku. Haiku in the rock industry are very rare and honestly, i hadn't heard any haiku by a rock band before. I actually rubbished the thought of a haiku by a rock band but the "Ode to Life" Part 1(from Insane Biography) and Part 2(from Maktub) changed my perception about haiku! I now see it as a powerful way to display ones deepest thoughts in just a few lines and I honestly feel that no one can do it better than Suraj ettn! The lyrics of the 2nd Ode to Life is

"I've seen new life
and there is new life in me
I wonder how you feel
when you see all that you see"

These four lines express the sheer bliss of being a father and how you treasure each and every moment that you share with your child! Although I have no clue as to how one feels when he gets a child, I was able to feel the happiness through the song! I've just taken the above song as an example and I've tried to just briefly explain the way I felt about it!

I remember that Suraj Ettn once said that the reason a person becomes a fan of any artist is because he is able to see a part of himself in the the artist and this is the very reason I'm a fan of Motherjane!

The album was launched on 27/09/08! It was a web launch and each member of the band had face paint to exhibit the fact that they believed that man is half human and half spirit! I felt that it was a very nice way to portray what they thought!!

They showed the videos of Fields of Sound and Chasing the Sun and my comments on it would be "The scenery matched the music!"

Well after all this I have just one thing left to say, "Please don't miss out the chance of listening to one of the best albums the Indian Rock Industry has produced"

'Never compromise with your dreams, Just live it and leave all the rest aside.'

My favourite bollywood movie of all times - ROCK ON! Its basically a movie about four friends who are addicted to rock music and form a band called Magic(which is quite a weird name for a rock band but nonetheless an acceptable one). They form the best band in India and seem to be inseperable and also win an opportunity to record an album and produce a music video.

The members of magic are :-

1) Joe Mascarenhas (Arjun Rampal) - The lead guitarist of Magic and a soft-spoken man. A man who is true to his principles and a man who is true to his girlfriend like no other man on this planet. An extremely talented guitarist who lacks just one thing - business sense.

2) Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar) - The vocalist of Magic. A man who gave up everything he had including his parents for rock. A man who later changes into a crude business man who cares for nothing but money. A born poet!

3) KD - Killer Drummer (Purab Kohli) - The drummer of Magic and an extra cool one at that. He, according to me, was the best actor in the movie(I aint saying that the other actors/actresses were any less). A really talented drummer who is really nostalgic and when the band breaks up he is the one who feels the worst and he is the one who is most nostalgic about MAGIC!

4) Rob (Luke Kenny) - The keyboardist of Magic. He might seem a bit out of place at the beginning but trust me, without Rob magic is like a 2 month baby without its mother. The man who is at the end of all jokes yet maintains his cool always. If there is a little tussle inside the band, its Rob who would resolve the issue.

They get seperated, during the course of the movie for a reason which if told now would take out the element of surprise from the movie. And each one goes in different ways. Fate brings them together. Yet the process of reuniting is not as easy as one thinks. So do they succeed in bringing magic up again or will past memories return or is their friendship forever runied?

There are loads of comic instances in the film which will definitely spur any man's funny bone. A few of them are the wedding show, the trip to the their old tea stall again(rob especially),
kd hitting on the lady, all of kd's one liners, the first drummer at the last show shown in the movie(his look, the way he plays aint bad at all though).

This movie also shows one thing. Its the girls that control a guys life and to succeed in one's life you've to make your own decisions and not let your partner do it. Its your life, life it! You've got one life, live it!

The songs rock! The songs add to the complete atmosphere of the movie. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy can give themselves a pat on their back as they have driven their audience crazy. Farhan Akhtar can also give himself a pat on the back for his vocals and acting. The actresses, too, played their part to perfection.

The track 'Sinbad the Sailor', 'Rock On', 'Zehreeley' are all great tracks! Zehreeley is a track that rings all the time in my mind. Tum Ho Toh is a really nice, romantic track that will catch anyones fancy the moment they hear it!

I also think that Rock On has helped to promote the rock scene in India and it is a movie that has portrayed the rock scene here really well, parents not understanding the childs dream of becoming a rockstar, the girls influencing a rockers decision to live completely, etc. ALL in all its a movie that everyone should see, old or young, metal maniac or not! A MUST WATCH!!!

"61 years ago, we won our independence. 23 years ago, we won our right to rock"

Above is a caption tat completely deceived me... I ROCK - a show with gr8 expectations tat failed miserably.... Only Heretic and Inner Sanctum impressed me.... This vos the first tym i heard Heretic 'n' they completely stunned me.... Abhijit, their guitarist vos amazing... He delivered the goods perfectly and i thought the bands only negative point vos the fact tat they were the first band 'n' they didnt get the best outta the mike system.... SAD!!!

Inner Sanctum were good.... I had heard them at Whiplash.... Their show vosn't the best i had seen but it vosn't bad either...

Whitenoiz and Rainbow Bridge were 2 bands tat i would say failed 2 impress me.... They have gr8 talent but it juz didn connect wit wat v expect at i rock.... Rainbow Bridge won they blore leg and got 2 go 2 mumbai.... the result completely surprised me and i still wonder were this result came from...

Then came the pro bands!!!!!

Synapse and Karma 6.... i aint eligible 2 comment on them cuz i didnt hear them completely... vos juz roaming round checking drum sticks at tat pt of tym... but i heard the latter half of karma 6 and it vos enthusiastic.... and energy filled!!! But i wanted them 2 play more originals... they basically played covers which vosn't exactly my idea of supporting indian rock!!!


Avial is one of my most favourite bands 'n' rex ettn is one of my most favourite guitarists in the world... and mithun ettn!! LORD OF DRUMS!!!!! atleast hez of 'em...

Mithun ettns ultra huge drum kit took a while 2 set up 'n' this kinda got the crowd irritated... i vosn't cuz i personally know tat mithun ettns drum kit has got everything ranging from a tambourine 2 the most expensive cymbals... a lotta adjustments had 2 b made cuz each tym he kicked the bass it slid in front... he needed another person 2 hold it and make sure it doesnt slide.... naresh vos brilliant... 'n' he showed loads of enthusiasm and energy....

They dashed out their songs 'n' i felt tat rex ettn vos at his guitaring best... He vos brilliant!!!!! AH!!! FELL IN LOVE WIT HIS INTRICATE GUITAR WORK!!!

Tony ettn was wearing the traditional 'mundu' 'n' it vos gr8 2 c sum cultural identity in them.... they played aaranda first... and it really got the crowd jumping up and down lyk frogs and set the tone 4 a gr8 show

next up was chekele... tony's stage antics were quite amusing and showed tat they were having loads of fun playing 4 us... which is gr8 2 noe... they went on 2 play adu pambe.. nada nada... arikuruka... karukara... 'n' ettam patu... the only song they didnt play from their 8 song album vos njan aara... which i missed a lot...

nada nada... their first ever single... juz set avials image in the city of blore... they'll b remembered here by one 'n' all present there 4 a long long tym... cant wait 2 c them again....

After avials show... got my album autographed by all except tony ettn :( (he missed out mine... :( :( :( )

i'll get it nxt tym def.... 'n' i met suraj ettn 2oo... and it vos loads of fun 2 hang out wit him 'n' jayesh ettn...

Oh ya 'n' v met up wit the band... 'n' it vos an hour of amazing fun... i got 2 get up close wit rex ettn!! DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Got 2 meet up wit mithun ettn too... got 2 get sum good tips on drums from the man of avial himself... which vos gr8.... v got back home 'n' by the tym i got 2 bed... i heard the clock ticking 12...


Its been a long wait 4 me 2 cum back 2 the blogging "new post" page.... its kinda hectic nowadays... but hu cares... my love 4 music keeps me going 'n' the demand 4 a blog from one of my brothers(u truly r one... JABRI CHETTA) makes me write this...

my cousin vos in a band called K.oS(now chaos) in tvm.... it had juz started when i went there 'n' they were all jamming together one day.. i vos sitting on the floor there 'n' they were trying 2 play seek 'n' destroy... i vos actually shocked... i expected them 2 b quite lousy(honestly)... but they were extra-ordinary.... they had a bassist hu hadn't learn't to play the bass formally... 'n' he vos so full of energy it juz rocked...

'n' their own sets of jokes 'n' stuff... it vos amazing 2 c them have their jamming session.... they were power-packed as i lyk 2 put it...

tats when i actually realized tat there may b a hell lotta bands hu may have juz started but r damn gud... Stoneage from tvm is another... awesome band... a singer whose role model is ozzy osbourne and i dare say an attitude lyk his(in a gud way)... 'n' a rhythm guitarist who provides comic relief when necessary 'n' can play quite a bit on the guitars... 'n' a cool lead guitarist

so... imagine the number of bands tat have juz started tat r yet to make it big.. hu probably cant make it big or don get the opportunity 2 make it big... imagine the talent they'll have... these r juz a few of those known bands tat i noe bout.... there mayb thousands of bands in our country hu can rock ne damn crowd...

these bands shuld b encouraged 'n' they hafta b pushed too ( at tyms)... since they haven't made it to the big stage their morale crumbles 'n' stuff lyk tat but this shuldn't b allowed... if these bands r supported v will have an India wit thousands of AWESOME metal, heavy metal, death metal, soft rock, hard rock or ne other genre BANDS... this wuld put India on a whole new platform in the rock industry... if wat bands lyk motherjane, parikrama, pentagram and co haven't done isn't enuf... this is our only other choice... motherjane, parikrama,pentagram have all put India on the map when it cums 2 the rock industry and r continuing to take our country 2 newer levels ... but i feel tat it will b these minor bands tat will play a very vital role in taking India to the next level.. WAT SAY GUYS????

'n' as Nike's add says... "TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL"... it shuld b... 'n' it can b... it must b

EASIER SAID THAN DONE.. many of u mite say but i, wholeheartedly, feel tat wit the talent tat our Indian bands have it CAN b... its juz a matter of focusing 'n' setting our goals rite....


V owe u a lot... witout u our lives r incomplete!!!!!!

I vos going through a couple of sites yest and i found a particularly interesting one by Dave Mustaine...

"Live to die and die to play
Every day and place
Leave a path of metal
Across the world from stage to stage"

I vos particularly curious bout this stuff aftr i read this one.... then i read this quote by Mustaine also... ofcourse this one is part of their song "A tout le monde"... but the quote made loads of sense when i read it in the quote section of one of the sites... i didnt expect 2 find this one there but looking back its one of those quotes tat deserve to b there....

“Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.”

then there was another one.... this is a one-minute song... or these are one minute songs... the first one talks bout the loss of an important person in lyf 'n' the second bout welcoming new person into ones life...

"Death continues to stalk us
sometimes gently, mostly not,
I'm at the age where loved ones die
As i live i understand why"

"I've seen new life
and there is new life in me
I wonder how you feel
when you see all that you see"

These two "odes to life" are written by Motherjane... the 1st was written when suraj ettn lost his mother 'n' the 2nd when his son vos born.... it is wonderful how sum1 can transform this worlds philosophy into 8 lines.... AMAZING!!!

this one is amazing too....

" I say to you, it is written
and by your hands its rewritten
In those sacred moments when the creator
walks through the creation"

Tat is by Motherjane also in a song called Maktub

"You aint dead yet
You've just stopped living
You aint alive yet
Just because your breathing"

Tat one is in Maktub too

There were two other quotes that realllllllllllllly got me thinking....

"I choose to live, not just exist"
"Regret? Thats a screwed up word"

Both of these quotes are by James Hetfield and you can really connect to it....

This one by Hendrix is a real guiding line towards world peace and unity - "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace"

This last one is by Suraj Ettn and it is one of those tat has influenced me a lot over the past couple of months and i've found a whole new personality of myself in certain scenarios....

"In the absence of passion and love, the most relevant emotions one feels are fear and worry"

Well... i'm back....

well... last month i went 4 this Rock 'n' Metal Competition @ BMSCE... its called whiplash 'n' its held every year... well this tym vos no diff

there were 2 genres 4 the competition... Rock was one 'n' Metal was the other... I personally thought the Metal category culd have been waaaaaaaaaaay better... cuz possibly they culd have helped the crowd understand the bloody lyrics.....

SUm ppl r juz fucked in their heads tat metal = growling... NO WAY!!! Listen 2 Megadeth... Judas Priest... 4 tat instance i wuld classify motherjane as metal.... they don't growl but their music still rox!!!!! wats wit every1 "growling" 2 glory????? sum bands i accept r gr8 at growling... i mean.. i listen 2 pdv... inner sanctum... i openly say they rule but there r sum bands hu juz dont sound gud... inner sanctum won the whiplash competition 4 2008... they were awesome... their vocalist mingled wit the crowd 'n' stuff..

i enjoyed the rock category but there were a few bands tat i culd have spent my entire life not listening 2.... no offence 2 these bands...

neway... the one hu won the competition in the rock genre actually wuld open 4 the def leopard concert.. (tat doesn't look 2 bright rite now.. cuz they aint gonna play 4 a while here) neway... there were a lotta gud bands.... i went there juz 2 c slingshot actually... but i was particulary impressed by illuminati... their vocalist vos super cool....

slingshot is tight too... jhanu is awesome on the guitar... fad is awesome wit the mike...... kaushik kicks ass wit his bass..... vineet is tight on the drums tooo... all in all they r born 2 KICK ASS!!!

there vos a tough competition b/w slingshot 'n' illuminati... illuminati won in the end.... but the competition vos really tight.... i enjoyed tat part of whiplash....







Blogging aftr a long tym... 'n' it feels gud 2 b back... well... this tym its bout MOTHERJANE.. the band tat i have been talking bout in all my blogs... it juz goes to show how much influence they have on me....

well.. the 1st tym i heard them was when i vos in 7th grade or smthng... i wasn't much of a freak bout music 'n' stuff then...

But then i came 2 b'lore(again!!) 'n' well... i had a little visit 2 palace grounds 4 rock ethos......

the other bands didn't really impress me.... except 4 bhoomi... they rocked tat nite... BED TIME STORIES was sailing through the crowd like wildfire.... 'n' then even though it meant waiting till the last performance... i waited 4 motherjane... 'n' tat is when i felt the real power of motherjane... the symbol of music tat they carried was all expressed... 'n' i culd even go to the extent of saying... if i were asked 2 define pure music... i wuld say "MOTHERJANE"..

their sounds r extra-ordinary 'n' they've got no "extra" on-stage act... lyk pointing 2 a guy 'n' saying "hey! wanna b gay"... tat wuld keep 2 galeez gurus... (WTF is their guitarists prob?? if he wants 2 b gay hez got his whole of-stage lyf 2 do so)

neway... motherjane have got this clean act... with brilliant vocals.. precise drumming.. 'n' mind-blowing guitaring....... man!! its the perfect act... wat else do u want??

MOTHERJANE comprises of Suraj Mani on Vocals
Baiju on Lead Guitars
Deepu on Rhythm Guitar
Clyde on Bass Guitar
John on Drums
'n' Mr. Nithin Mustaine is the Stage Manager(hez an awesome guitarist btw)

well... its a perfect combo... 'n' trust me... the band r as down 2 earth as _______ ... i don noe ne1 as down 2 earth as them.... v ourselves wuld feel a "cut above the rest" cuz v r talking 2 them but they don't feel tat much 2... they r soo down 2 earth... its juz amazing...they r really simple ppl too... they've got the rite formula 4 a band all in all...

'n' they released their first album quite a while back.. its called insane biography.. it's got:-
5)Soul Corporations
6)Prison Chains
7)An Ode to life
8)Walk On

'n' they'll soon b releasing their new album "Maktub"... (tat means "IT IS WRITTEN" in arabic)

well.. tat comprises of :-

  • Fields of Sound
  • Chasing the Sun
  • Blood in the Apple
  • Broken
  • Maktub
  • An ode to life
  • Before one million comes one
  • Karmic Steps
Well... tats one powerpack album!! i cant wait... 'n' well 4 those in b'lore... they're performing @ BIT BANGALORE on 29th 'n' 30th April.. cant wait

but till then v've got 2 "WALK ON"

'n' their official website is www.motherjane.net
'n' their official blog is surajmani.typepad.com

ma long awaited blog... k... no1 really is awaiting this or nething... but well... 1 can always keep his hopes high.. tat aint a crime is it?? :D

neway... i shuld have written this on 15th itself.... but i vos caught up wit loads of other stuff 'n' i thought it vos more appropriate 2 start ma "blogging career" wit a blog tat introduces maself 'n' doesn't really start with a blog tat describes all bout the fun, frolic 'n' food v had @ palace grounds on march 14..... MEGADETH 'n' MACHINE HEAD'S CONCERT!!!!!!!!!

it vos a lot lyk a fairly tale nite... so i wuld b justified if i started of wit... on a hectic march 14th day... a little idiot by the name of hari woke up kinda early(7.10am) with juz one thought.... "MEGADETH'S CONCERT IS TODAY!!!" 'n' well... tat little idiot went down 2 skool(as he vos forced 2 do so) 'n' culdn't concentrate one little bit on his darned buks.... the last bell vos music 2 ears... (it usually sounds lyk a donkey braying) 'n' he immediately geared up 4 the concert.... wit a few chocolate bars in his pocket... he got in a car 'n' got 2 the place in record tym.... he vos equipped wit a sony ericsson w810i... a waller wit 60 bucks in it.... a watch... 2 munch bars... 'n' a chewing gum.... i noe.... tats wat ppl can call WICKED!!!!!!!

neway... as he got in... he heard a band tat immediately made a place 4 themselves in his pea sized brain... JUNKYARD GROOVE.... howeva high the vocalist 'n' their guitarist vos... the music they played vos of the highest quality... their guitarist,sid, vos juz brilliant.... his solo rocked us all... 'n' it juz set the base 4 an excellent nite ahead... next up on stage vos MOTHERJANE.... one of the best bands in india if not THE best... their soundcheck itself rocked..... disillusion.... few of ma(i noe tat i have switched from "tat little idiot" to "me") frends had come down from town - kerala.. (dont crack pjs saying tat kerala is a state) 'n' motherjane is a kerala band... all of us sang out loud 'n' stunned every1 around... all of us screamed lyk shit when baiju chettan(malu 4 brother) shredded his guitar 'n' lead the band 2 glory....

tat vos 1 heck of a show... v slacked out 4 a bit... 'n' well our big gang from kerala split as sum wanted 2 catch a gr8 place 2 watch megadeth 'n' machine head.... but well... few of us were really interested 2 chck out the rest of the indian bands up on stage.... 'n' v weren't in the least disappointed tat v waited 2 chck them out.... they all rocked!!!!!

i truly idolized Millennium the moment they started... they've got this really metal approach 2 their performances.... they've got tat judas priest style of performing.... metal army vos brilliant!!! 'n' well... needless 2 say... Pentagram were brilliant!!! 'Electric' reached heights never b4....

'n' ya... in the mean while.... i got the chance 2 buy a motherjane shirt... the insane biography cd... 'n' pentagrams album too.... 'n' believe it or not.... i even got the motherjane cd autographed by suraj chettn 'n' baiju chettan... i'll get depu chettans.... john chettan's 'n' clyde chettan's autographs next tym....

well... then came the tym every1 there vos waiting 4... MACHINE HEAD AND MEGADETH!!!!! Machine Head vos gud... frankly i haven't really heard them... 'n' i don really think i wanna....

well.. megadeth rocked!!!!! they didnt seem 2 playing songs 4 the crowds as such in the beginning... they seemed 2 playing 4 the heck of it... SEEMED!!! there vos a pt when they juz did a song 'n' said "thank u have a gr8 nite 'n' left"...of course v didnt let them alone... they were FORCED 2 cum back 'n' well.... they started 2 play "Tout Le Monde"... 'n' tat vos more lyk a karaoke session... mustaine vosn't allowed 2 sing... v (the crowd) sang almost the whole song... but duty first... mustaine JOINED IN(as i lyk 2 put it).... 'n' tats when they really began 2 play songs 4 the crowd... 'n' then it vos a total joy ride...

1'n' well... Chris Broderick juz rocked the crowds with his brilliant solos 'n' amazing chemistry with mustaine.... its lyk ozzy 'n' rhoads man!!!!!!!

i vos lyk the only person hu wanted them 2 play "peace sells" 'n' i'm proud 2 say... they obliged 2 do so... :D

well... herez the list in a really freaky order...

  1. Wake Up
  2. Tout Le Monde
  3. Peace Sells
  4. Holy Wars
  5. Trust
  6. Skin O' My Teeth
  7. Take No Prisoners
  8. Washington is Next
  9. In My Darkest Hour
  10. Tornado of Souls
  11. Sleepwalker
  12. Burnt Ice
i'm not too sure bout the rest i think it was....
!)Hangar 18
@) Symphony of Destruction
#) Mechanix

well... v had loads 'n' loads 'n' loads of fun... v also had veg noodles... :D

but... i'll neva 4get tat experience!!!! PRICELESS!!!!!!


Hmm... 2nd post in the 2nd day... not bad

Well... this post is supposed 2 b bout all the troubles me 'n' a relative of mine(cusin) had 2 undergo 2 buy a music cd... But b4 u get ideas... its not juz ANY music cd... its the new album of the malayali band AVIAL... they r gr8.... their songs r in malayalam... but its as gud as ne other god damn album....

the first song is NADA NADA... the lyrics is nice... but frankly i don really understand it... cuz howeva malu i am.. i don understand hi-fi malu...

but neway... the only place the cd is available is in a store called Music Yogi.... its located in SP road... its a really odd part of the town(2 say the least)... 'n' well.... v had a bitta trouble finding it... (k... tats an understatement) moving on(literally 'n' figuratively)....v got there by an auto.... 'n' it luked kinda easy 2 find the shop... but wat vos in store 4 us.... well... u can say... v weren't in the least prepared 4 tat....

well... v found sp road... aftr i spoke kannada 2 a few shopkeepers... 'n' well... theres a special mention of me speaking kannada cuz i really cant speak the language.... but well... alls well tat ends well...

so v found the road... 'n' v ended up @ a biforcation.... 'n' v culdn't split into halves 'n' walk the other way... 1) cuz v weren't really luking forward 2 walking a lot... 2) v didnt really wanna split... i) cuz it vos really crowded 'n' v culd get lost... ii)i'm presumably young... tat actually works in ma favour a lot... iii) ma cusin didn noe kannada....

so... v decided 2 take one route... well... v were completely defeated... 'n' then v decided 2 call the shop.. i wuld say tat vos the first sensible move of ours on tat day.... well... when v did decide 2 call him... two things propped up... i)ma cusin's battery ran out... ii)v 4got the number...

tok bout gr8 minds!!!!!

well.... v did end up calling them SUMHOW... 'n' then v did manage 2 find the rite road.... ('n' the calling 'n' stuff vos really hard... there vos bout an hours gap b/w deciding 2 call 'n' calling.... so its not easy as it seems) 'n' well v ended up finding out tat the road wasn't either route of the biforcation... it vos on the other side....... it vos a straight road... well... v ended up finding the road...

our nxt quest vos the building... well... aftr running in2 2 walls v found it... it vos near the 3rd wall... well.. it didn really have a very big sign board.... 'n' trust me the shop vos soooo small 'n' secluded tat even 23333333 didnt noe bout it.... well.... beat tat 4 being small...

but v actually found it 'n' bout the treasured cd... 'n' then v realised the harsh truth.... it wasn't a store where ppl go 'n' buy cds... its supposed 2 b an online store.... i got soooo pissed tat i kicked an iron rod 'n' ended up being more pissed... :D

but well... ALL 4 ROCK... such pains need 2 b taken @ tyms....


Well Well... my first blog... 'n' well... lets c how long i can take it... well... this will i guess be the only one in which i'm gonna tok bout me only.... the rest is supposed 2 b bout music 'n' more importantly bout the indian bands tat r rocking the stages rite now...

lemme introduce ma self...
i'm a social disease
i come 4 ur money
'n' leave u on ur knees

k... well lets not really start of wit Dread 'n' the Fugitive mind rite now... but watta song!!! gr8 lyrics... hafta give it up2 them...... Megadeth's songs dont juz sound really awesome... their lyrics make a lotta sense 2... its a lot similar when u luk @ motherjane.... wat lyrics!!!

neway... b4 v divert again...
i'm hari... 10th grade... study in nps... b'lore...
i don really play ne instrument as such.. well... i've actually always wanted 2 play drums 'n' kinda noe how 2... learnt it of the net... but well... i've no clue how 2 play it properly... i can play a bit i guess... i've actually gotta promise from ma prnts tat they'll enrol me 4 the classes aftr the darned boards.... 'n' 1 more thing... i'm not the normal kid on the block.... i'm completely diff... sum ppl call me crazy... sum call me outta the world.... but i wuld juz say... i'm diff... 'n' well... i love music.... i completely agree wit motherjane... MUSIC IS THE PUREST DRUG OF ALL!!!
'n' ya it is... juz think bout it... its the only thing tat can make u go on a high 'n' it doesnt have ne side affects or wtv... its PURE!!!

well... tats it bout me... u don need 2 noe nething more.... atleast i don think so... wanna noe more... then u can juz drop a comment 'n' i'll try ma best 2 reply... :D

so... as of now... buh-bye 'n' take care......

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