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ma long awaited blog... k... no1 really is awaiting this or nething... but well... 1 can always keep his hopes high.. tat aint a crime is it?? :D

neway... i shuld have written this on 15th itself.... but i vos caught up wit loads of other stuff 'n' i thought it vos more appropriate 2 start ma "blogging career" wit a blog tat introduces maself 'n' doesn't really start with a blog tat describes all bout the fun, frolic 'n' food v had @ palace grounds on march 14..... MEGADETH 'n' MACHINE HEAD'S CONCERT!!!!!!!!!

it vos a lot lyk a fairly tale nite... so i wuld b justified if i started of wit... on a hectic march 14th day... a little idiot by the name of hari woke up kinda early(7.10am) with juz one thought.... "MEGADETH'S CONCERT IS TODAY!!!" 'n' well... tat little idiot went down 2 skool(as he vos forced 2 do so) 'n' culdn't concentrate one little bit on his darned buks.... the last bell vos music 2 ears... (it usually sounds lyk a donkey braying) 'n' he immediately geared up 4 the concert.... wit a few chocolate bars in his pocket... he got in a car 'n' got 2 the place in record tym.... he vos equipped wit a sony ericsson w810i... a waller wit 60 bucks in it.... a watch... 2 munch bars... 'n' a chewing gum.... i noe.... tats wat ppl can call WICKED!!!!!!!

neway... as he got in... he heard a band tat immediately made a place 4 themselves in his pea sized brain... JUNKYARD GROOVE.... howeva high the vocalist 'n' their guitarist vos... the music they played vos of the highest quality... their guitarist,sid, vos juz brilliant.... his solo rocked us all... 'n' it juz set the base 4 an excellent nite ahead... next up on stage vos MOTHERJANE.... one of the best bands in india if not THE best... their soundcheck itself rocked..... disillusion.... few of ma(i noe tat i have switched from "tat little idiot" to "me") frends had come down from town - kerala.. (dont crack pjs saying tat kerala is a state) 'n' motherjane is a kerala band... all of us sang out loud 'n' stunned every1 around... all of us screamed lyk shit when baiju chettan(malu 4 brother) shredded his guitar 'n' lead the band 2 glory....

tat vos 1 heck of a show... v slacked out 4 a bit... 'n' well our big gang from kerala split as sum wanted 2 catch a gr8 place 2 watch megadeth 'n' machine head.... but well... few of us were really interested 2 chck out the rest of the indian bands up on stage.... 'n' v weren't in the least disappointed tat v waited 2 chck them out.... they all rocked!!!!!

i truly idolized Millennium the moment they started... they've got this really metal approach 2 their performances.... they've got tat judas priest style of performing.... metal army vos brilliant!!! 'n' well... needless 2 say... Pentagram were brilliant!!! 'Electric' reached heights never b4....

'n' ya... in the mean while.... i got the chance 2 buy a motherjane shirt... the insane biography cd... 'n' pentagrams album too.... 'n' believe it or not.... i even got the motherjane cd autographed by suraj chettn 'n' baiju chettan... i'll get depu chettans.... john chettan's 'n' clyde chettan's autographs next tym....

well... then came the tym every1 there vos waiting 4... MACHINE HEAD AND MEGADETH!!!!! Machine Head vos gud... frankly i haven't really heard them... 'n' i don really think i wanna....

well.. megadeth rocked!!!!! they didnt seem 2 playing songs 4 the crowds as such in the beginning... they seemed 2 playing 4 the heck of it... SEEMED!!! there vos a pt when they juz did a song 'n' said "thank u have a gr8 nite 'n' left"...of course v didnt let them alone... they were FORCED 2 cum back 'n' well.... they started 2 play "Tout Le Monde"... 'n' tat vos more lyk a karaoke session... mustaine vosn't allowed 2 sing... v (the crowd) sang almost the whole song... but duty first... mustaine JOINED IN(as i lyk 2 put it).... 'n' tats when they really began 2 play songs 4 the crowd... 'n' then it vos a total joy ride...

1'n' well... Chris Broderick juz rocked the crowds with his brilliant solos 'n' amazing chemistry with mustaine.... its lyk ozzy 'n' rhoads man!!!!!!!

i vos lyk the only person hu wanted them 2 play "peace sells" 'n' i'm proud 2 say... they obliged 2 do so... :D

well... herez the list in a really freaky order...

  1. Wake Up
  2. Tout Le Monde
  3. Peace Sells
  4. Holy Wars
  5. Trust
  6. Skin O' My Teeth
  7. Take No Prisoners
  8. Washington is Next
  9. In My Darkest Hour
  10. Tornado of Souls
  11. Sleepwalker
  12. Burnt Ice
i'm not too sure bout the rest i think it was....
!)Hangar 18
@) Symphony of Destruction
#) Mechanix

well... v had loads 'n' loads 'n' loads of fun... v also had veg noodles... :D

but... i'll neva 4get tat experience!!!! PRICELESS!!!!!!



dey...adipoli blog...
liked ur writing style...
do write more

best of luck for ur writing career in blogosphere

dey short and smart ...good blog

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