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Blogging aftr a long tym... 'n' it feels gud 2 b back... well... this tym its bout MOTHERJANE.. the band tat i have been talking bout in all my blogs... it juz goes to show how much influence they have on me....

well.. the 1st tym i heard them was when i vos in 7th grade or smthng... i wasn't much of a freak bout music 'n' stuff then...

But then i came 2 b'lore(again!!) 'n' well... i had a little visit 2 palace grounds 4 rock ethos......

the other bands didn't really impress me.... except 4 bhoomi... they rocked tat nite... BED TIME STORIES was sailing through the crowd like wildfire.... 'n' then even though it meant waiting till the last performance... i waited 4 motherjane... 'n' tat is when i felt the real power of motherjane... the symbol of music tat they carried was all expressed... 'n' i culd even go to the extent of saying... if i were asked 2 define pure music... i wuld say "MOTHERJANE"..

their sounds r extra-ordinary 'n' they've got no "extra" on-stage act... lyk pointing 2 a guy 'n' saying "hey! wanna b gay"... tat wuld keep 2 galeez gurus... (WTF is their guitarists prob?? if he wants 2 b gay hez got his whole of-stage lyf 2 do so)

neway... motherjane have got this clean act... with brilliant vocals.. precise drumming.. 'n' mind-blowing guitaring....... man!! its the perfect act... wat else do u want??

MOTHERJANE comprises of Suraj Mani on Vocals
Baiju on Lead Guitars
Deepu on Rhythm Guitar
Clyde on Bass Guitar
John on Drums
'n' Mr. Nithin Mustaine is the Stage Manager(hez an awesome guitarist btw)

well... its a perfect combo... 'n' trust me... the band r as down 2 earth as _______ ... i don noe ne1 as down 2 earth as them.... v ourselves wuld feel a "cut above the rest" cuz v r talking 2 them but they don't feel tat much 2... they r soo down 2 earth... its juz amazing...they r really simple ppl too... they've got the rite formula 4 a band all in all...

'n' they released their first album quite a while back.. its called insane biography.. it's got:-
5)Soul Corporations
6)Prison Chains
7)An Ode to life
8)Walk On

'n' they'll soon b releasing their new album "Maktub"... (tat means "IT IS WRITTEN" in arabic)

well.. tat comprises of :-

  • Fields of Sound
  • Chasing the Sun
  • Blood in the Apple
  • Broken
  • Maktub
  • An ode to life
  • Before one million comes one
  • Karmic Steps
Well... tats one powerpack album!! i cant wait... 'n' well 4 those in b'lore... they're performing @ BIT BANGALORE on 29th 'n' 30th April.. cant wait

but till then v've got 2 "WALK ON"

'n' their official website is www.motherjane.net
'n' their official blog is surajmani.typepad.com


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