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“Mind-blowing! Electrifying! Excellent! Kick ass!” A very feeble attempt to describe ‘Nicer in a Minute’ would sound very similar to this. Nicer in a Minute is the newest extended play (EP) of the Indian Rock Band Junkyard Groove. Yes the very same band that made us go high over “Its OK” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

Nicer in a Minute consists of 5 songs which are :-

  1. Save Me
  2. Please Don't Wake Up
  3. Thank You
  4. Let You Go
  5. Say Goodbye
Junkyard Groove, which is Ameeth on vocals, Sid on the axe and Craig on the bass, have carved a niche for themselves in the world of Indian Rock with this new venture. This band with a give-it-all-you’ve-got and never-say-die attitude has surpassed all expectations and is now moving from one remarkable feat to next.

The moment Ameeth sent me ‘Nicer in a Minute’, I knew I was in for a treat but I was pleasantly surprised, when I heard it, by the depth of the EP. An EP containing a mere 5 songs portrays a variety of emotions and all of these emotions are backed by the stupendous vocals, killer riffs, and steady yet pumping bass lines. Not to forget the drums gives a really nice feel and power to the whole EP.

Here is my understanding of the songs and deeper insight to them:-

Save Me

“Living in a world of pain and sorrow”

From the very beginning the band introduces a very energetic yet melodic feel to the song and they are able to sustain that throughout the song. And brilliantly at that! Also, the though the track is really pumping, the emotions of a person who is depressed and doleful is expressed well. The anxiety of such a man to live is portrayed in a really nice manner. I especially liked the starting of the song. It’s really innovative and it sounds cool too. Ameeth’s vocal chords are just phenomenal. How on earth does he sing like this?

Please Don’t Wake Up

“I can face the world only when you are standing by me”

“I look at you and my troubles seem so far away”

A romantic song that gives this EP a lot of depth! The emotions of love and sheer joy that only a soul mate can provide are expressed cleverly. Again, a very melodic yet energizing track! The chords give this song a feel-good appeal. I definitely don’t mind listening to this track a few times more.

Thank You

“So I’m thanking now for who I am”

“1, 2, 3, 4.. Kick Ass!” That is the only way to describe this track. A very joyous track from the start and this is one track that is really fun to listen to. The blend of steady drumming and quick strumming is really nice to hear. If you look at this song from an emotion aspect, then you’ll be able to feel the vibes of euphoria and blitheness. All in all, yet another superb track!

Let You Go

“I look at you for the comfort that I never found”

“Would you even know if I let you go?”

This track starts with a really steady bass line and then the guitar takes over. That sounds so cool and as usual Ameeth provides a classic vocal piece. A groovy piece that is able to deliver the goods. The ability of JYG to maintain a really up-beat sound throughout a whole 4:28 min song just amazes me. At about 1:30, Sid plays a really small chord, and this song would be incomplete without it. Really nice track and the drumming to this track is really cool too. Especially in the chorus part of this track! They sound like an African beat yet so authentic.

Say Goodbye

"I feel all the pain and the sorrow"

"I wont live to see that day when I have to say goodbye"

This track has a very melodic and steady start to it. And this is one track that proves that JYG can do any type of song that you want them to. Lyrics-wise this song is really nice and if you do listen carefully to the lyrics you can notice that the good times spent together and the sorrowful times are clearly and beautifully demarcated. This track also has mind-blowing guitar work – a quick transition from a slow chord to a really good riff is quite cool to hear. And the drumming to this track is really simple yet intricate in a really odd manner. And as usual, Ameeth didn’t fail to impress me with his vocals.

‘Nicer in a Minute’ is an EP that is worth splurging on. It is one of the most authentic albums to enter the Indian rock industry, according to me. The depth of the EP will leave you astounded. Trust me on this one!

‘Nicer in a Minute’ is a jaw dropping bunch of 5 tracks that are going to be released on the 20th of January and it will be up for free download on JYGs site (www.junkyardgroove.net).

The places where you can catch up with JYG on the cyber world are:-



After all this all I can say is, “get their EP and listen to it NOW”

AR Rahman has done India proud and he has done his fans proud by becoming the first Indian to win the 66-year-old prize, Golden Globe Awards. If you ask me, I would say that this award has been long pending because of the beautiful songs that he has provided. However, he got the award for Slumdog Millionaire, which definitely isn't his best at any rate, only because of the fact that it was a Hollywood movie. But in the end, it doesn't really matter does it? As long as he has got the award and is beaming, we don't really care.

Every dog has its day and so does a slumdog! The movie, Slumdog Millionaire, has bagged 4 Golden Globe Awards. The movie is a superb movie and AR Rahman completed the work for this movie in only 2 weeks. The soundtrack has a mix of a variety of styles of music. The song "O Saya" is a really good track that sets the tone for the whole movie. Of course, we cant expect anything but the best from a track sung by ARR himself can we? Then there are a variety of songs that are played but none of the tracks are like the ones in the typical Bollywood movies where the lead actor and the actress go to London and America and Australia for singing a duet. The closest to that is "Jai Ho". The song is set in the train station and it appears during the credits. The choreography to this song is quite odd to say the least, but none the less the song is really good. The tracks that can be heard during the course of the film(and a brief description about each one) are : -

1) Gangsta Blues - This track has a very hip-hop edge to it and it exuberates the feeling of rebellion and theres is a light surge of anxiousness and also a tinge of hatred to it. Well thats what I felt through the track.

2) Riots - This, as the name suggests, is a track that can be heard during the riots that do occur. This track maintains a tone of peril throughout the song and it is able to sustain a sad yet upbeat feel to it. Its also got an alarm like sound that flows through the song and it oddly reminds me of an ambulance and this I would say is one of the key aspects that makes this track have a scary feel to it. This album does send chills down my spine when I listen to it.

3) Mausam & Escape - This track is able to potray a very happy feel in the beginning and suddenly theres a little gap in the track where there is a sense of anticipation and you don't really know whats happening and then suddenly the track takes a turn and shows signs of danger. The sudden twist in the track really excited me when I first heard it.

4) Paper Planes - This is an amazing track if you ask me. There is a really upbeat feel to the whole song and the sounds of gun shots and cash registers is really cool to hear. The visuals during the cash balance sound is really cool too. You got to hand it to Danny Boyle for the visuals throughout the movie and not just this movie.

5) Ringa Ringa - The moment I heard the title of this song, I immediately thought about the old nursery rhyme "Ringa Ringa Roses, Pocket Full Of Poses". This track that has dancing involved and the dancing sequence is well choreographed actually. This track has a very "bollywood"-ish feel to it. Its like one of the normal songs that you find in bollywood movies.

6)Millionaire - Yet another upbeat track. I really liked the electric sound in the end and in the beginning. It gives the track a "feel good yet bound" sound.

7) Liquid Dance - This track is sheer class. I loved this track and its not a surprise that it is the most played track on my i-pod. The way ARR blends the classical lyrics(if thats what it is called) with a western style of background music and maintains a tone of notoriousness throughout the track is just brilliant. I really loved this track.

8) Aaj Ki Raat - Nothing much to comment about this one. The same song to which we saw Shah Rukh move his body in Don features in this movie(only the song, not Shah Rukh).

9) Dreams On Fire - This one is a very romantic track and gets you "feeling mushy". The lyrics is really nice too. Its an english track and ARR has rightfully selected to highlight the vocal melody instead of applying various beats and riffs and chords.

" You are my waking dream
You're all thats real to me
You are the magic in the world i see

You are in the prayer i saying
You are in my two my names

You are the faith that make me belive
Dreams on fire
Higher n higher

Pasion burning
Ride on the path
Once for forever yours
In me
All your heart
Dreams on fire
Higher n higher

You are my ocean rage
You are my thought each day
you are the laughter from childhood games
You are things further down
You are where i belong

You are make me feel in every songs"

10) O.. Saya - This track is a masterpiece. It really sets the tone for the movie, as I said earlier. The childish games and the joy of doing notorious things, it expresses these really well. I really liked the part where the numbers(from 1 to 12) are said in a really quick manner. Its so intriguing to hear this. Such a simple thing is made to sound so complex. ARR at his best.

11) Jai Ho - This song is a really nice finish to a really nice film. This song is played during the credits and the lead actor and actress dance in the train station(not America or London or Australia). The choreography, as I pointed out earlier, was quite odd but nonetheless, a great song!


P.s: - In a time where India is taking a lot of flack for Satyam and its scam, ARR's award comes as a blessing and there ain't no disguise to it. :D


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