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“Mind-blowing! Electrifying! Excellent! Kick ass!” A very feeble attempt to describe ‘Nicer in a Minute’ would sound very similar to this. Nicer in a Minute is the newest extended play (EP) of the Indian Rock Band Junkyard Groove. Yes the very same band that made us go high over “Its OK” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

Nicer in a Minute consists of 5 songs which are :-

  1. Save Me
  2. Please Don't Wake Up
  3. Thank You
  4. Let You Go
  5. Say Goodbye
Junkyard Groove, which is Ameeth on vocals, Sid on the axe and Craig on the bass, have carved a niche for themselves in the world of Indian Rock with this new venture. This band with a give-it-all-you’ve-got and never-say-die attitude has surpassed all expectations and is now moving from one remarkable feat to next.

The moment Ameeth sent me ‘Nicer in a Minute’, I knew I was in for a treat but I was pleasantly surprised, when I heard it, by the depth of the EP. An EP containing a mere 5 songs portrays a variety of emotions and all of these emotions are backed by the stupendous vocals, killer riffs, and steady yet pumping bass lines. Not to forget the drums gives a really nice feel and power to the whole EP.

Here is my understanding of the songs and deeper insight to them:-

Save Me

“Living in a world of pain and sorrow”

From the very beginning the band introduces a very energetic yet melodic feel to the song and they are able to sustain that throughout the song. And brilliantly at that! Also, the though the track is really pumping, the emotions of a person who is depressed and doleful is expressed well. The anxiety of such a man to live is portrayed in a really nice manner. I especially liked the starting of the song. It’s really innovative and it sounds cool too. Ameeth’s vocal chords are just phenomenal. How on earth does he sing like this?

Please Don’t Wake Up

“I can face the world only when you are standing by me”

“I look at you and my troubles seem so far away”

A romantic song that gives this EP a lot of depth! The emotions of love and sheer joy that only a soul mate can provide are expressed cleverly. Again, a very melodic yet energizing track! The chords give this song a feel-good appeal. I definitely don’t mind listening to this track a few times more.

Thank You

“So I’m thanking now for who I am”

“1, 2, 3, 4.. Kick Ass!” That is the only way to describe this track. A very joyous track from the start and this is one track that is really fun to listen to. The blend of steady drumming and quick strumming is really nice to hear. If you look at this song from an emotion aspect, then you’ll be able to feel the vibes of euphoria and blitheness. All in all, yet another superb track!

Let You Go

“I look at you for the comfort that I never found”

“Would you even know if I let you go?”

This track starts with a really steady bass line and then the guitar takes over. That sounds so cool and as usual Ameeth provides a classic vocal piece. A groovy piece that is able to deliver the goods. The ability of JYG to maintain a really up-beat sound throughout a whole 4:28 min song just amazes me. At about 1:30, Sid plays a really small chord, and this song would be incomplete without it. Really nice track and the drumming to this track is really cool too. Especially in the chorus part of this track! They sound like an African beat yet so authentic.

Say Goodbye

"I feel all the pain and the sorrow"

"I wont live to see that day when I have to say goodbye"

This track has a very melodic and steady start to it. And this is one track that proves that JYG can do any type of song that you want them to. Lyrics-wise this song is really nice and if you do listen carefully to the lyrics you can notice that the good times spent together and the sorrowful times are clearly and beautifully demarcated. This track also has mind-blowing guitar work – a quick transition from a slow chord to a really good riff is quite cool to hear. And the drumming to this track is really simple yet intricate in a really odd manner. And as usual, Ameeth didn’t fail to impress me with his vocals.

‘Nicer in a Minute’ is an EP that is worth splurging on. It is one of the most authentic albums to enter the Indian rock industry, according to me. The depth of the EP will leave you astounded. Trust me on this one!

‘Nicer in a Minute’ is a jaw dropping bunch of 5 tracks that are going to be released on the 20th of January and it will be up for free download on JYGs site (www.junkyardgroove.net).

The places where you can catch up with JYG on the cyber world are:-



After all this all I can say is, “get their EP and listen to it NOW”


great review man..I envy your ability of giving in depth review of song after song...Am sure to repeat myself if I review 5 songs on the trot...and yeah, forwrd me the songs:D..cant wait till 20th

PS-You did repeat urself at one place.."Ameeth’s vocal chords are just phenomenal. How on earth does he sing like this?"...this same thing came at 2 places..guess it was by mistake..

yup change done! thanks for pointing out the mistake. And yea, if you get the EP, I bet you'll write a better review :D

I'm still a new guy on the block!

By this, I am making the very first comment on any blog on this earth - Uncle Murali.

My understanding of "log" when I were of your age, is nothing but a piece of wood. Especially Abraham Lincoln earned his livelihood by cutting logs, as mentioned in our school books. Now I find a deep and complex, meaning and possibility of "blog"; the way it is now.

I am commenting on your blog without really listening to the numbers explained by you in your blogs. So I will comment on your blogging rather than the subjects in the blog.

I am realising that one can express in words, the feeling out of a music enjoyment and kindle others too, to persuade to listen; the least create an ambience of listening to music by "listening" to blogs.

Have you experienced to get the same mood, as expressed in your blogs, if the numbers are repeated in a short span in random order? I have heard of great readers saying that the value of the content of the book is rated by its capability to unveil newer thoughts in every read.

And so for music each and every time you listen to a music, it delivers a different and unique feeling consequent to the ambience of the mind of the listener, his understanding and the number of times the tune is being listened.

Keep blogging; your nice way of blogging. May God bless you.

- Murali Uncle

thanx a lot!

I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommended by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

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