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Saarang is one of those shows that has so much talent on show and the viewers are left gasping for breath after taking a look at a bit of the talent in store!

I walked in to IIT after a train ride that was nothing short of uneventful! The campus was humungous and nothing short of spectacular. The journey from the gate to the OAT was like 10 minutes on a bus. That should give you an idea about its size. We couldnt get into the OAT because the soundcheck was on so we headed to one of the hostels, where MJ were put up. I was immensely shocked when "Axe" Axenrot just walked into the very same hostel block where we were put up and was just standing there. So two minutes down the line, we were clicking photos with most of Opeths memebers. These two minutes produced the following results!

With Axe Axenrot!

With Mendez and Fredrik Åkesson

With Fredrik Åkesson

With Opeths Sound Engineer and Guitar Tech

Well, after this unbelievable event took place, we slacked about. Soon, it was time for the show(more like past show time). We ended up missing Demonic Resurrection(Not too much to miss, huh? *cheeky smile*). And after a very very very long time, I got to see the band I adore most on stage and was it a kick ass gig or what! \../

Motherjane were really tight on stage! The energy they exude is unmatched and that ain't exaggeration. Trust me, to see them on stage is liking seeing a vortex of energy explode. There is Suraj, the vocalist, on one hand delivering the right pitches and other stuff that i lack knowledge about and still running around the stage showing that age is no barrier for rock and roll. A real role model to the young and old alike. Then there is Baiju, the lead guitarist, shredding away to glory. One of those people who is worthy enough to be idolized by all. Role model #2! Then there is John, the drummer, delievering few of the most back-breaking beats yet, maintaing his adrenile level high. Yet another role model. Deepu, the rythmn guitarist, doesn't fail to maintain adrenile high either. Clyde, the bassist, not only delivers steady bass lines, but also shows the crowd that he is a real force to deal with. A band that consists of five role model. Their songs are some of the most original songs that I've ever heard and each one of them is so beautifully put together that you would definitely trade more than fivety gold biscuits just to listen to them again. What else does one need to put up a class act!?!?! Motherjane were stunning on stage and I will remember that gig for a very long time.

Next up on stage were Opeth - The Kings of Progressive Rock! They were really great too. Their drummer can not be characterised in words. Gosh! I couldn't take my eyes of him hitting the skin of his kit. The other guys were quite tight too. One of their better gigs, according to me. The crowd was fantastic and Opeth were really cheered on. They did quite a few songs from Watershed and quite a few from their older ones too. According to what I was told, this was one of their longest gigs too. They were playing for two and a half hours or so. And the drummer was really battering the skin of his drumset for every second of thos two and a half hours.

All in all, Saarang was a really awesome gig that is going to be really hard for me to forget(if I do try that is :D).

p.s. :- I'm back after a really long break thanks to my darn board exams. A real pain!


I was expecting this post for a long time:D
that pics make me go jealous all over again...
damn...I vow now that I wont miss any future shows, come whatever may!

lol!! the only reason i went to saarang was because motherjane were playing.. wasn't really a big fan of opeth before saarang.. some of their songs are great... some have tooooooo many progressions.. but yea a real big fan of them, i mean for them to walk around and let people into their rooms is real great.. but anyway.. before i forget.. HA!!! I GOT SNAPS WITH THEM WHILE YOU DIDNT!!! \../

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