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The above scene is something that I will remember for a very long time, if not forever. One of the musicians, that I respect the most with not just one but two Oscar awards. Yea, pessimists may go on and on about Slumdog Millionaire not being his best music and that he didn't deserve the Oscars for this soundtrack but who cares about what they have to say, right? The fact of the matter is that AR Rahman has captured an award that had eluded him for quite sometime and his happiness shows! He has been running helter-skelter to do shows for his eager American fans and has featured on quite a few TV shows too(A.J. Rahman - Kudos to American ignorance. Check out the Jay Leno show that he played on if you don't get head or tail of that).

The man who has produced innumerable soulful songs for Bollywood and Tollywood (or is it Kollywood? I'm talking about the Tamil Cinema Industry). Its really hard for an Indian to live without his music now. He is part of everyones playlist. Even those who ain't really great fans of music can't stop themselves from getting addicted to him.

Everyones heard his tracks from the movie "Gentleman" but not many know that he is a true gentleman on his own. A very down-to-earth man and one of those people who would rather shower his friends with love than indulge himself in fame. I was at awe of his love and affection for his mother when he said "Mere paas Ma hain" when he held the golden lady high! Such is the man that represents India at the highest level! Can anyone project the large-heartedness of the Indians better than Rahman can? Can anyone project the essence of Indian culture better than Rahman can? Can anyone project the love of Indians, for our nation, our Bharat, better than Rahman can? Can anyone project the very soul of our nation better than he can? As Marc Anthony said, "Where comes such another?"

Rahman, though you may never see this message, I shall still say this. You shall linger in my heart forever because you have shown me the light through the saddest of times and the best of times. You were the one that showed me that if a person wishes to achieve something, then he can achieve it, no matter what! You were the one that has shown me that love and affection surpasses all other things that this world offers. Rahman, I bow down to you. Rahman, I bow down to the GOD OF MUSIC!


a nice writeup coming from the heart of a true fan...Hail Rahman!

What you really feel spills into anything and everything you bother to indulge in. :D

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