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We’ve all, We've all been broken
Shattered, left mute with regrets unspoken
We’ve all loved and lost
Been forsaken, repented our deepest trust

We’ve all wondered why
Destiny picked us to cry
Why faith has to be tested,
And life doesn’t turn out the way intended

We’re mended to be broken
Yet human clay believes itself golden
Stunning in its courage to be happy
As wild elations tempered with black melancholy

The above are some of the most meaningful lines that I have ever come across. The above lines tell us that each one of us have the power in us to overcome are sorrows and it into positive outcomes. Do I believe in the above lines? Hell yeah, I do.

However, I'm not going to explore the philosophy behind the given lines and nor am I here to comment on how great a band Motherjane is. On the contrary I'm here to comment about the following video which is based on the song. 

The above video may appear to be rather loosely held and well, confusing at the same time. You may feel that it consists a message but it doesn't really convey it. The above were my thoughts when I first saw it. However, when you take the lyrics into consideration and then watch the video, it is nothing short of a masterpiece. 

The video is centralized around a father, who has lost his wife and a son, who has lost his mother and is yearning to be shown some love. The father is a Kathakali exponent and he is so involved in the art that he has no time to shower his mother-less son. This is beautifully expressed when the father comes home and sleeps with his Kathakali make-up on. The son, who as I said earlier, yearns to be showered with love, tries to wipe away the make-up from his fathers face and tries to catch a glimpse of his face. 

After a certain period time, the son grows up to be a rebellious, independent son and the father yearns for his sons love. The fact that his son is rebellious is beautifully indicated by the potrait of Che Guevara in the sons room. The son has grown up without being shown any love and thus does not understand the importance of his father, who was completely involved in his art, in his life. Thus, the son is a very independent person, in fact, too independent. The father is left heart-broken and he contemplates suicide. 

The son sees that his father contemplates suicide and realizes the importance of his father in his life and the father too understands his mistake and corrects himself and ensures that his son is shown some love and affection. This is portrayed in the scene when the father peforms only for his son. Credit must be given to Motherjane, to convert a song which starts of with two people with a negative look at life and to end the video and the song in such a positive note. HAIL MOTHERJANE! (yet again.. [;)])

A closer look at the video shows that only half of the fathers face is painted during his performance for his son. However, his whole face is painted when he sleeps at home with his make-up on. This is because the father finds his balance in life during the performance for his son. This is the balance in life that we should all strive to achieve. Unless this balance is achieved, all of us are broken. We become a whole only when this balance is achieved in our lives. This is the underlining principle of the song. 

I sincerely thank Suraj Mani, for taking his time out to explain the principle behind this inspiring video to me. I also want to thank Jabri, for indirectly giving me the idea of posting this blog about this sensational video.

p.s. - Taking a leaf out of Sri.Jabris book here. I wonder if he has a problem. Well, if he does, I'm the going to be the happiest man in the world [:P]. Also I have not written too much about how beautiful the song sounds and how great the band is because if I do so, I know for sure that I'll never stop! 


great analysis of the video..I loved the part where u mentioned about achieveing the balance in life..

and I dont have a problem..:P

Dang it!! Why don't you have a problem?? :( :P


lovely post dude

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