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Its been a long wait 4 me 2 cum back 2 the blogging "new post" page.... its kinda hectic nowadays... but hu cares... my love 4 music keeps me going 'n' the demand 4 a blog from one of my brothers(u truly r one... JABRI CHETTA) makes me write this...

my cousin vos in a band called K.oS(now chaos) in tvm.... it had juz started when i went there 'n' they were all jamming together one day.. i vos sitting on the floor there 'n' they were trying 2 play seek 'n' destroy... i vos actually shocked... i expected them 2 b quite lousy(honestly)... but they were extra-ordinary.... they had a bassist hu hadn't learn't to play the bass formally... 'n' he vos so full of energy it juz rocked...

'n' their own sets of jokes 'n' stuff... it vos amazing 2 c them have their jamming session.... they were power-packed as i lyk 2 put it...

tats when i actually realized tat there may b a hell lotta bands hu may have juz started but r damn gud... Stoneage from tvm is another... awesome band... a singer whose role model is ozzy osbourne and i dare say an attitude lyk his(in a gud way)... 'n' a rhythm guitarist who provides comic relief when necessary 'n' can play quite a bit on the guitars... 'n' a cool lead guitarist

so... imagine the number of bands tat have juz started tat r yet to make it big.. hu probably cant make it big or don get the opportunity 2 make it big... imagine the talent they'll have... these r juz a few of those known bands tat i noe bout.... there mayb thousands of bands in our country hu can rock ne damn crowd...

these bands shuld b encouraged 'n' they hafta b pushed too ( at tyms)... since they haven't made it to the big stage their morale crumbles 'n' stuff lyk tat but this shuldn't b allowed... if these bands r supported v will have an India wit thousands of AWESOME metal, heavy metal, death metal, soft rock, hard rock or ne other genre BANDS... this wuld put India on a whole new platform in the rock industry... if wat bands lyk motherjane, parikrama, pentagram and co haven't done isn't enuf... this is our only other choice... motherjane, parikrama,pentagram have all put India on the map when it cums 2 the rock industry and r continuing to take our country 2 newer levels ... but i feel tat it will b these minor bands tat will play a very vital role in taking India to the next level.. WAT SAY GUYS????

'n' as Nike's add says... "TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL"... it shuld b... 'n' it can b... it must b

EASIER SAID THAN DONE.. many of u mite say but i, wholeheartedly, feel tat wit the talent tat our Indian bands have it CAN b... its juz a matter of focusing 'n' setting our goals rite....


V owe u a lot... witout u our lives r incomplete!!!!!!


hmm...u r right abt getting the proper push at the proper time..most of these bands come to a grinding halt by the end of college...they don't usually go beyond the boundaries of college fests or some odd shows here and there...then its the indian syndrome of settling down with a secure job..and thus those gems created by these bands remain as echoes in the college corridor itself..
to get to the range of motherjane or parikrama, one needs to make lots of sacrifices...in the Indian situation, even if u r ready to sacrifice, u won't be getting ample support from family... but now the things r slowly changing...
still, money is a problem. the money indian rock artists earn are not even comparable with the international artists...its a hard grind if they have families to support...
people shud come out and buy original cds of indian artists...more concerts should happen regularly....then only they'll feel motivated to continue towards greater glory rather than stagnate as one hit wonders...

PS-i'll be giving u some "comic relief" next time we meet...brace urself 4 thttt

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