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"61 years ago, we won our independence. 23 years ago, we won our right to rock"

Above is a caption tat completely deceived me... I ROCK - a show with gr8 expectations tat failed miserably.... Only Heretic and Inner Sanctum impressed me.... This vos the first tym i heard Heretic 'n' they completely stunned me.... Abhijit, their guitarist vos amazing... He delivered the goods perfectly and i thought the bands only negative point vos the fact tat they were the first band 'n' they didnt get the best outta the mike system.... SAD!!!

Inner Sanctum were good.... I had heard them at Whiplash.... Their show vosn't the best i had seen but it vosn't bad either...

Whitenoiz and Rainbow Bridge were 2 bands tat i would say failed 2 impress me.... They have gr8 talent but it juz didn connect wit wat v expect at i rock.... Rainbow Bridge won they blore leg and got 2 go 2 mumbai.... the result completely surprised me and i still wonder were this result came from...

Then came the pro bands!!!!!

Synapse and Karma 6.... i aint eligible 2 comment on them cuz i didnt hear them completely... vos juz roaming round checking drum sticks at tat pt of tym... but i heard the latter half of karma 6 and it vos enthusiastic.... and energy filled!!! But i wanted them 2 play more originals... they basically played covers which vosn't exactly my idea of supporting indian rock!!!


Avial is one of my most favourite bands 'n' rex ettn is one of my most favourite guitarists in the world... and mithun ettn!! LORD OF DRUMS!!!!! atleast hez of 'em...

Mithun ettns ultra huge drum kit took a while 2 set up 'n' this kinda got the crowd irritated... i vosn't cuz i personally know tat mithun ettns drum kit has got everything ranging from a tambourine 2 the most expensive cymbals... a lotta adjustments had 2 b made cuz each tym he kicked the bass it slid in front... he needed another person 2 hold it and make sure it doesnt slide.... naresh vos brilliant... 'n' he showed loads of enthusiasm and energy....

They dashed out their songs 'n' i felt tat rex ettn vos at his guitaring best... He vos brilliant!!!!! AH!!! FELL IN LOVE WIT HIS INTRICATE GUITAR WORK!!!

Tony ettn was wearing the traditional 'mundu' 'n' it vos gr8 2 c sum cultural identity in them.... they played aaranda first... and it really got the crowd jumping up and down lyk frogs and set the tone 4 a gr8 show

next up was chekele... tony's stage antics were quite amusing and showed tat they were having loads of fun playing 4 us... which is gr8 2 noe... they went on 2 play adu pambe.. nada nada... arikuruka... karukara... 'n' ettam patu... the only song they didnt play from their 8 song album vos njan aara... which i missed a lot...

nada nada... their first ever single... juz set avials image in the city of blore... they'll b remembered here by one 'n' all present there 4 a long long tym... cant wait 2 c them again....

After avials show... got my album autographed by all except tony ettn :( (he missed out mine... :( :( :( )

i'll get it nxt tym def.... 'n' i met suraj ettn 2oo... and it vos loads of fun 2 hang out wit him 'n' jayesh ettn...

Oh ya 'n' v met up wit the band... 'n' it vos an hour of amazing fun... i got 2 get up close wit rex ettn!! DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Got 2 meet up wit mithun ettn too... got 2 get sum good tips on drums from the man of avial himself... which vos gr8.... v got back home 'n' by the tym i got 2 bed... i heard the clock ticking 12...



good review man:D
indeed I-Rock wud've been a total disappointment if not for avial...

well,,we ended up saying almost the same things in our reviews...

one small suggestion...avoid using sms lingo like 'vos':D...overusing that kind of language in a blog can be irritating to readers. and also use less of dots(......) just a fullstop(.) wud suffice. These r not hard and fast rules. in the end only content matters:D

i've tried. i cant type in any other manner on the comp. i'm used 2 sms lingo. and on paper i cant write sms lingo. its weird. Typing this took me 2 mins. shows the lack of speed in typing normal english.

Shall try my best though!

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