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My favourite bollywood movie of all times - ROCK ON! Its basically a movie about four friends who are addicted to rock music and form a band called Magic(which is quite a weird name for a rock band but nonetheless an acceptable one). They form the best band in India and seem to be inseperable and also win an opportunity to record an album and produce a music video.

The members of magic are :-

1) Joe Mascarenhas (Arjun Rampal) - The lead guitarist of Magic and a soft-spoken man. A man who is true to his principles and a man who is true to his girlfriend like no other man on this planet. An extremely talented guitarist who lacks just one thing - business sense.

2) Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar) - The vocalist of Magic. A man who gave up everything he had including his parents for rock. A man who later changes into a crude business man who cares for nothing but money. A born poet!

3) KD - Killer Drummer (Purab Kohli) - The drummer of Magic and an extra cool one at that. He, according to me, was the best actor in the movie(I aint saying that the other actors/actresses were any less). A really talented drummer who is really nostalgic and when the band breaks up he is the one who feels the worst and he is the one who is most nostalgic about MAGIC!

4) Rob (Luke Kenny) - The keyboardist of Magic. He might seem a bit out of place at the beginning but trust me, without Rob magic is like a 2 month baby without its mother. The man who is at the end of all jokes yet maintains his cool always. If there is a little tussle inside the band, its Rob who would resolve the issue.

They get seperated, during the course of the movie for a reason which if told now would take out the element of surprise from the movie. And each one goes in different ways. Fate brings them together. Yet the process of reuniting is not as easy as one thinks. So do they succeed in bringing magic up again or will past memories return or is their friendship forever runied?

There are loads of comic instances in the film which will definitely spur any man's funny bone. A few of them are the wedding show, the trip to the their old tea stall again(rob especially),
kd hitting on the lady, all of kd's one liners, the first drummer at the last show shown in the movie(his look, the way he plays aint bad at all though).

This movie also shows one thing. Its the girls that control a guys life and to succeed in one's life you've to make your own decisions and not let your partner do it. Its your life, life it! You've got one life, live it!

The songs rock! The songs add to the complete atmosphere of the movie. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy can give themselves a pat on their back as they have driven their audience crazy. Farhan Akhtar can also give himself a pat on the back for his vocals and acting. The actresses, too, played their part to perfection.

The track 'Sinbad the Sailor', 'Rock On', 'Zehreeley' are all great tracks! Zehreeley is a track that rings all the time in my mind. Tum Ho Toh is a really nice, romantic track that will catch anyones fancy the moment they hear it!

I also think that Rock On has helped to promote the rock scene in India and it is a movie that has portrayed the rock scene here really well, parents not understanding the childs dream of becoming a rockstar, the girls influencing a rockers decision to live completely, etc. ALL in all its a movie that everyone should see, old or young, metal maniac or not! A MUST WATCH!!!


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nice analysis of the band members.
and yeah I missed writing abt those scenes..Rob's scene at the tea stall, KD hitting on women and that drummer..hehhe..:P

agreed on the promoting rock scene part. many non-rockers I know've started asking me for rock songs after watching this movie

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a surprise 4 u:)
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