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The title of one of the best albums that the indian rock industry has produced!!! Maktub by Motherjane is an album comprising of 9 songs, including the remastered version of the evergreen MINDSTREET!!!

The album consists of songs, which like all motherjane songs, have meaningful lyrics and they haven't just been written for the sake of writing, its been written because of the inner drive in them to write these songs and each and every one of these songs are so unique in their own ways that you cant help but wonder how on earth can a band be so diverse? How on earth can a creator make his creation so diverse in nature? When one hears the song with concentration and tries to understand the lyrics of each song, he will be able to understand the immense thought put into each song and he will also feel the fact that each one of the songs, not just this album but all albums, are so dear to the members of the band that their pearls of sweat can be felt in each song! (This is out of experience and I'm sure each and every one of you will feel it or have felt it)

The songs of the album are
1) Chasing the Sun
2) Fields of Sound
3) Broken
4) Blood in the Apple
5) Ode to Life
6) Maktub
7) Mindstreet
8) Before One Million Comes One
9) Karmic Steps

Each song in the album has its own theme and conveys a very positive message! The messages conveyed by each song, when implied by one, can definitely change ones look at life and make him a better HUMAN BEING than he was before! (This is out of sheer experience, again)

The song "Ode to Life" is a haiku. Haiku in the rock industry are very rare and honestly, i hadn't heard any haiku by a rock band before. I actually rubbished the thought of a haiku by a rock band but the "Ode to Life" Part 1(from Insane Biography) and Part 2(from Maktub) changed my perception about haiku! I now see it as a powerful way to display ones deepest thoughts in just a few lines and I honestly feel that no one can do it better than Suraj ettn! The lyrics of the 2nd Ode to Life is

"I've seen new life
and there is new life in me
I wonder how you feel
when you see all that you see"

These four lines express the sheer bliss of being a father and how you treasure each and every moment that you share with your child! Although I have no clue as to how one feels when he gets a child, I was able to feel the happiness through the song! I've just taken the above song as an example and I've tried to just briefly explain the way I felt about it!

I remember that Suraj Ettn once said that the reason a person becomes a fan of any artist is because he is able to see a part of himself in the the artist and this is the very reason I'm a fan of Motherjane!

The album was launched on 27/09/08! It was a web launch and each member of the band had face paint to exhibit the fact that they believed that man is half human and half spirit! I felt that it was a very nice way to portray what they thought!!

They showed the videos of Fields of Sound and Chasing the Sun and my comments on it would be "The scenery matched the music!"

Well after all this I have just one thing left to say, "Please don't miss out the chance of listening to one of the best albums the Indian Rock Industry has produced"


man..liked that second para a lot..great writing there.

and yeah, Haiku in rock. its a really innovative idea..and hats off to the way its executed.

good post man..write more on the other songs also

Comments on the other songs will be posted soon!

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