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I vos going through a couple of sites yest and i found a particularly interesting one by Dave Mustaine...

"Live to die and die to play
Every day and place
Leave a path of metal
Across the world from stage to stage"

I vos particularly curious bout this stuff aftr i read this one.... then i read this quote by Mustaine also... ofcourse this one is part of their song "A tout le monde"... but the quote made loads of sense when i read it in the quote section of one of the sites... i didnt expect 2 find this one there but looking back its one of those quotes tat deserve to b there....

“Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.”

then there was another one.... this is a one-minute song... or these are one minute songs... the first one talks bout the loss of an important person in lyf 'n' the second bout welcoming new person into ones life...

"Death continues to stalk us
sometimes gently, mostly not,
I'm at the age where loved ones die
As i live i understand why"

"I've seen new life
and there is new life in me
I wonder how you feel
when you see all that you see"

These two "odes to life" are written by Motherjane... the 1st was written when suraj ettn lost his mother 'n' the 2nd when his son vos born.... it is wonderful how sum1 can transform this worlds philosophy into 8 lines.... AMAZING!!!

this one is amazing too....

" I say to you, it is written
and by your hands its rewritten
In those sacred moments when the creator
walks through the creation"

Tat is by Motherjane also in a song called Maktub

"You aint dead yet
You've just stopped living
You aint alive yet
Just because your breathing"

Tat one is in Maktub too

There were two other quotes that realllllllllllllly got me thinking....

"I choose to live, not just exist"
"Regret? Thats a screwed up word"

Both of these quotes are by James Hetfield and you can really connect to it....

This one by Hendrix is a real guiding line towards world peace and unity - "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace"

This last one is by Suraj Ettn and it is one of those tat has influenced me a lot over the past couple of months and i've found a whole new personality of myself in certain scenarios....

"In the absence of passion and love, the most relevant emotions one feels are fear and worry"


nice collection of quotes...and most of them r my favs too...especially the ones from tout le monde and ode to life...

do write more often...othrwise regular readers will get bored:P

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