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Well... i'm back....

well... last month i went 4 this Rock 'n' Metal Competition @ BMSCE... its called whiplash 'n' its held every year... well this tym vos no diff

there were 2 genres 4 the competition... Rock was one 'n' Metal was the other... I personally thought the Metal category culd have been waaaaaaaaaaay better... cuz possibly they culd have helped the crowd understand the bloody lyrics.....

SUm ppl r juz fucked in their heads tat metal = growling... NO WAY!!! Listen 2 Megadeth... Judas Priest... 4 tat instance i wuld classify motherjane as metal.... they don't growl but their music still rox!!!!! wats wit every1 "growling" 2 glory????? sum bands i accept r gr8 at growling... i mean.. i listen 2 pdv... inner sanctum... i openly say they rule but there r sum bands hu juz dont sound gud... inner sanctum won the whiplash competition 4 2008... they were awesome... their vocalist mingled wit the crowd 'n' stuff..

i enjoyed the rock category but there were a few bands tat i culd have spent my entire life not listening 2.... no offence 2 these bands...

neway... the one hu won the competition in the rock genre actually wuld open 4 the def leopard concert.. (tat doesn't look 2 bright rite now.. cuz they aint gonna play 4 a while here) neway... there were a lotta gud bands.... i went there juz 2 c slingshot actually... but i was particulary impressed by illuminati... their vocalist vos super cool....

slingshot is tight too... jhanu is awesome on the guitar... fad is awesome wit the mike...... kaushik kicks ass wit his bass..... vineet is tight on the drums tooo... all in all they r born 2 KICK ASS!!!

there vos a tough competition b/w slingshot 'n' illuminati... illuminati won in the end.... but the competition vos really tight.... i enjoyed tat part of whiplash....


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