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It's been forever since I took to this page. Quite frankly, I don't even remember the last post I wrote. But a recent realization that I need to be slightly more productive with my life has led me back here. Whether blogging does add any amount of productivity to said life, I have no idea but it's a thought I'd like to pursue and see where it leads me. And as far as whether I'm going to go through with this or drop it half way like most of the other things, I'm not quite sure of that either. But hey it's a start. Let's see where that goes.


About this blog

A true Janiac to the core, this is my opinion on the beauty that surround all of us :)

A Janiac, initially was defined as fan of the Indian Rock Band MOTHERJANE. But this word, for me, can be used to describe a man that listens to his heart and is filled with passion. I describe myself as one such Janiac!


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