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View of Charminar from the Roadside
The Level with the clock is the one with the numerous prayer rooms.

A Closer look at the intricate designs on the entrances to the Charminar

View of Old Hyderabad from the Charminar

The Artwork on the Ceiling
Also showing the prayer rooms at the second level

View of The Charminar from Mecca Masjid

View of The Charminar from Mecca Masjid

The four minarets of The Charminar
Unfortunately wasnt able to get the entire first minaret

Raja at the Mecca Masjid

Prayer Stones Laid Out at The Mecca Masjid

Janiacs all are we - Remya, Raja, Me and My Dad

My Dad with his face painted
The coolest, most spirited dad you'll ever find [:D]

A small attempt at a photolog. Pictures taken with a 2MP E63 mobile camera. I'm a begginer so take it easy on me [:P]



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