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17 Years ago, a cultural head came up with a band just to fill in for a professional act that had backed out of his college fest. The band went on to cover a few songs and played their first live gig in a few days.

In a span of 17 years since then, they have seen the absolute peaks of the Indian Rock Scene to the gory depths. MOTHERJANE. One of India's premier rock acts turned 17 today and it was incredible to talk to John today. For two reasons, though he was extremely proud of the achievement of having survived in an industry as shaky as this one for such a long time, there was a tinge of nervousness. 17 years later, and John, a legend in his own right, at least in my eyes, still has doubts about where it will all go from here. Still challenging themselves to push the boundaries that may exist. It is easy for one to just settle or even call it quits. One might say that Maktub was their best period, and they've struggled post the departure of two of their lead members and that they should have called it quits before facing the crap that they've had to go through. But John and the other members, decided to move on, head held high. Come sunshine or rain.

It was a bold step indeed. Yes, they've had a few setbacks but to think that these guys have got the courage to move completely away from all previously existent frameworks to create something entirely new is a refreshing thought.

An entirely beginning after 17 long years. As was indicated by John tonight, there's a tinge of familiarity and a lot of uncertainty. But I know for sure, that irrespective of what happens, what has happened and what is happening right now, they will have my unanimous support forever, in any quest they wish to take up. Cuz these 5 men, and the people who were a part of them in any capacity, have created such a huge impact on me, I can honestly say they have largely shaped the person I am currently. Absolute role models each and every one of them.

Amajaniac! Will always be one. Cuz there aren't too many who deserve as much respect as this band does. I hope to see them back on the pedestal they once were on. It would be quite incredible.

Also, one day, Creative differences, personal issues, etc all aside, I would love to see all of these people come together one last time for a jam, orchestrated in heaven. 

There has always been a negative outlook towards Bollywood from most metal fans. Which is why Vishal from Penragram takes so much flak. But, I think its quite wrong. Yes, bollywood receives a helluva lot more attention but it doesn't mean that the musicians in that field have had it any easier than other musicians. They've had incredibly long journeys too and hard ones at that and that needs to be appreciated.

Today, I need to show my appreciation to three such musicians. Shankar Ehsaan and Loy. Watched them live at Saarang tonight and they were incredible. They played a set that was close to three hours and Shankar Mahadevan is just a vortex of constant energy.. Right from start to stop, there wasn't a single moment where the energy dropped and that is something that I found to be quite great.

I didn't know most of the songs but that didn't matter one bit. I found myself randomly grooving to various songs and gleefully clapping along to others. Something I haven't really done in a long while.

It wasn't just their energy that was unwavering, the energy of the entire 6000 odd people was at a high for the entire three hours and they were found dancing and partying all set long. This is in fact testament to Shankar Mahadevans incredible stage presence (its right up there with Vishal Dadlanis during a Pentagram show).

P.s. I do realise that I've used the word incredible quite a bit in this post, but I couldn't help myself. It was about the only word I could use to describe what happened tonight.

Also, kudos to IIT student body for pulling off something this spectacular. All three days went off incredibly well this time aroud. Congrats IIT. You've shown why Saarang is one of the best fests around.

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